What We Do

Greater Manchester Hazards Centre is an independent organisation which gives information and advice on any health, safety and welfare problems at work and hazards arising from workplaces.

This service is FREE to all workers – trade union members, safety reps, workers in non-union workplaces, homeworkers, young workers, the families of workers killed at work – and to community groups facing hazards in the Greater Manchester area, and campaigns locally for better workplace health and safety .

Greater Manchester Hazards Centre is part of a national network of Hazards Centres and other health and safety groups, the Hazards Campaign, which campaigns nationally for safer workplaces. GMHC runs the secretariat for the Hazards Campaign , organises the annual Hazards Conference and resources and promotes International Workers Memorial Day 28 April every year.



GMHC’s funding from AGMA – the Association of Greater Manchester Authorities was completely withdrawn in April 2012 due to Government cuts to Local Authority budgets. We receive fees for specific work carried out , but we need your support, donations and affiliations to secure the free local services we provide. Your affiliation will help us ensure the Hazards Centre survives, and to develop our information resources for the benefit of all workers whether in trade union or not, ex-workers made ill by the work, families of those killed at or by work, and the community generally. You will receive regular updates and a quarterly GMHC Hazardous Times E-Newsletter gmhc-affiliation-form-2016


[tab title=”TUCs”]

North-West TUC Safety Reps Network

GMHC collaborated with the NWTUC to develop and run the NWTUC Safety Reps Network, to facilitate communication, advice and support between safety reps outside of TUC courses, for several years. Due to a loss of funding for this initiative, GMHC has run the NW Safety Reps Network as an e-mail list for ten years membership is free, just e-mail to join the list, and is on 6th October we will north-west-tuc-safety-representatives-networkas a more active campaigning group. Contact us if you are interested.

[tab title=”Asbestos Victims Support Group”]

Asbestos Victims Support Group

GMAVSG operates as a separate charity. It provides confidential, free advice and support to sufferers of asbestos related diseases and their families and can help with:

Industrial Injury Disablement Benefit
Government compensation scheme
Civil compensation claims
Representation at tribunal appeals
Completing forms

For further information, please visitwww.asbestos-victims-support.orgor contact 0161 636 7555 or asbestos.gmavsg@gmail.com. You can also visit the national Asbestos Victims Support Group Forum:www.asbestosforum.org.uk

FACK: Families Against Corporate Killers

A national group which campaigns to stop workers and others being killed in preventable workplace incidents, provides information, advice and support and can direct bereaved families to sources of legal help and emotional support.

For further information, please visitwww.fack.org.uk

Meet Our Team

Hilda Palmer

Co-ordinator of GMHC, acting chair of Hazards Campaign, Facilitator of FACK, main organiser of Hazards Conference

John Bamford

UCU H&S Advisor & GMHC advisor and Campaigner

Janet Newsham

Joint Co-ordinator of GMHC

Graham Dring and Jeff Eaman

G.M Asbestos Victims Support Group

Eileen Bamford

Clerical and Campaign work

Management Committee

Chair, Sarah Clarke:Secretary; Doug Russell: Treasurer; Caroline Bedale: Treasurer; Stirling Smith.

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