International Workers Memorial Day 28 April 2017 #iwmd17

#IWMD17 Rally in Manchester 12 noon to 13.00 in Lincoln Square, Brazzennose Street between Deansgate and Albert Square

Every year on 28 April, millions of people trade unionists, families, health and safety and hazards activists, communities come together to Remember the Dead and Fight for the Living We do this to make clear no-one should ever die just for going to work, but millions do every year across the world. The International Labour Organisation estimates well over 2 million people killed by work every year, activists in Asia say far more. Almost all of these deaths plus the millions more injuries and illnesses caused by work, can be, and should have been, prevented.

The HSE does not count or report all work deaths in Great Britain. Their published total of 144 killed at work last year is a tiny fraction of the truth, they do not count those killed on road, in the air or at sea while working, or even the workers who are made so ill by work theykill themselves The Hazards Campaign using evidence gathered by Hazards Magazine and other sources estimate a far more accurate total for the harm caused by work in GB is around 1,200 people killed in work-related incidents and 50,000 dying from diseases caused by bad working conditions: get The Whole Story

People dont die in tragic accidents or of rare diseases, they die because their employer didnt comply with the law and the government didnt make them. Death due to employers negligence is corporate killing.

Evidence shows that what makes work better for our health and our safety is strong laws, strictly enforced with active trade unions: organised workplaces with an elected safety rep are twice as safe,theunion effect Since 2010 sustained government attacks on health and safety law and its enforcement in GB has made work less safe and far less healthy with work stress, and musculo-skeletal disorders at epidemic levels, and work cancers, heart and lung disease taking a terrible toll. Families Against Corporate Killers testify to the fact that its not too much regulation and enforcement thats the problem but far too little as the case ofCameron Minshull shows

The International TUC theme for IWMD this year is ITUC is Unsafe and Unfair discrimination at work hurts us all because who lives and who dies at work is not an accident of chance, it is determined by class, gender, race and so on. : The TUC is campaigning for Good health and safety for all workers whoever they are.

We all want good health and safety at the heart of decent jobs and decent lives for all workers whoever they are, wherever they come from and wherever they work. Instead we have employers inflicting indecent and unacceptable work that is hurting us all, but the most badly paid, most insecure workers are hurt the most. Badly paid work guarantees more than hardship. Low pay goes hand in hand with low health and safety standards, occupational injuries and diseases like diabetes and cancer frequently come with the job. Work cancer is mostly a blue collar condition as are most of the major workplace killers. For most work health and safety problems, the risk goes up as your pay goes down. It is pretty obvious why. Low pay affects your choices: whether you work more overtime, extra shifts, report an injury, take sick leave, or can raise health & safety issues without getting the sack. And it leaves you in jobs that typically have the insecure, dirty and dangerous hallmarks of risky work, or are mind numbingly dull & depressing: Low Blow

On top of class, social and economic inequality, other inequalities and discrimination in the workplace: e.g. sexism, racism, islamophobia, xenophobia, transphobia, make work even more unsafe, unhealthy, and often deadly for women, black and ethnic minority, LBGT, migrants, young, disabled and other workers. Work does not have to be like this and trade unions organise to make it better! Trade Unionists, Families Against Corportae Killers (FACK) explain the importance of Workers Memoriall Day in a new film

We stand together: #An injury to one is an injury to all #We are all sickened by inequality at work

On #iwmd17 we will address all the actions needed to protect the health and safety of the most vulnerable in our workplaces, due among others, to class, gender, origin, and sexual orientation. The ITUC is producing background documents/research on these issues to help elaborate the international background for the day.

Fair enough? We are all sickened by inequality at work : “Who lives and who dies at work is not an accident of chance. The emergence of increasingly precarious forms of employment in convoluted supply chains was as deliberate as it was deadly.1 It creates a working world where the bad actors set a wage, conditions and employment rights benchmark which sucks down conditions across the global economy.

Maintaining a system of indecent work has always required an extra ingredient a divided workforce. Where workers do not have a collective voice and where jobs are by design segregated by gender, race or class those divisions can perpetuate disadvantage and leave the most exploited workers powerless while undercutting the conditions of the rest.

All this comes at a price.2 At the top of the workplace pecking order, those making the decisions dont just receive multipliers more in income and perks, they get to live many years longer to enjoy them.

Where workers do not have a collective voice and where jobs are by design segregated by gender, race or class those divisions can perpetuate disadvantage and leave the most exploited workers powerless while undercutting the conditions of the rest.

Check out all international resources at ITUC/Hazards Magazine: and FacebookWorkers Memorial Day 28*April

The TUC will focus on inequalities in occupational health and the role unions play in narrowing the inequalities gap, and on the hidden and new gig economy, the risks faced by migrant workers and the issues of gender and class. Check out TUCfor a range of #iwmd17 resources including the updated gender sensitive health and safety checklist as womens occupational health has been neglected and ignored for far too long

Find an #iwmd17 event near youTUC list of events across England and Wales;and inScotland

What you can do on #iwmd17Background IWMD leaflet

Here are some suggested taglines to develop work around or use in events and speeches and use in tweeting: Inequality is a pain in the workplace; Safe work for women, safe work for all; Workplace safety is a class issue; Occupational disease is a class issue; Profit and loss: When irresponsible firms put production first, workers can pay a deadly price; Racism hurts at work; Fair enough? We are all sickened by inequality at work; United we stand: Divided we cough, ache, limp, itch, wheeze and die; Inequality at work makes us sick; An injury to one is an injury to all; Inequality at work can get you killed .

  • Find out what is happening in your area on 28 April. see TUC list all the local activities, email details to
  • If nothing is happening then get together with some of your workmates or others in the area where you work and organise something. It can be a commemorative rally, a workplace meeting to discuss the importance of health and safety, or just a small get-together;
  • Organise a minute’s silence in your workplace on the day;
  • Ask your local council, or any other public body, to fly official flags at half-mast on the day. Remember that the day is officially recognised by the UK government;
  • Arrange an event such as planting a memorial tree in a public place, putting up a plaque, dedicating a sculpture, a piece of art, or a bench, to remember workers who have been killed at the workplace or in the community;
  • Workers’ Memorial Day on 28 April, then it is important you consider how you can best use local media both before & on the Day.
  • If you are planning any event for the day,or you want to raise awareness: distribute and wear purple ‘forget-me-not’ ribbons, put up posters, and remember to let people know about anything that happens in your area on the day;
  • When tweeting or posting to Face Book use the unifying hashtag#IWMD17 and check it for new resources and retweet.
  • Get your resources for IWMD17Purple Forget me Knot ribbons:2017 WMD Ribbon Order form

    Union Workplaces are Safer Workplaces Car Stickers:wmd car sticker order form

    Two Free #IWMD17 Posters

Deregulatory Daleks get tied up in red tape! #iwmd14 film

Carol Harte, widow of Hazards Campaigner Tommy Harte on why he brought WMD to UK with aims : Remember the Dead and Fight for the Living


Hartlepool TUC IWMD 2016 film

Families Against Corporate Killers, FACK,work with families of those killed by work: BellyflopTV:

See also Facebook: Families Against Corporate Killers

FACK ers tell their stories: Face the FACKs: the Human Face of Corporate Killing

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